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Bahubali's record is an example of growth restricted to Hindu males: Aadarsh Liberal

17, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi: In a sensational claim, an Aadarsh Liberal student from NTDV University has expressed her outrage on growth being concentrated only on Hindu males yet again by citing Rajamouli’s magnum opus – Baahubali‘s worldwide collections.

“Aadarsh Liberal student blaming patriarchy for restrictive growth.”

Speaking to Faking News, the avant-garde student said, “Bahubali grossed 50 crores on Day 1 while PK could manage only 22 crores which is sadly, less than half of a communal movie. Is this inclusive growth? To turn this otherwise exclusive growth into inclusive, either the collections must be divided equally among these films or facts must be falsified!”

“This is quite patriarchal too, as Bahubali is the head of Mahishmati kingdom and worshipped like god. Overall, this movie is nothing but patriarchy powered by communalism that’s leading to restrictive growth of just the Hindu males!”, said the outraged student as she crushed the microphone with her hand.

Sources say, the student is actually preparing her thesis on “Rise of communlism aided patriarchy and restrictive growth” and would soon be presenting it to the head of department Pranay Rai. She is also believed to be the one who could bag the gold medal at NTDV University.