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Bahubali to be dubbed into Kiliki, the language of Kalakeyas in the movie

18, Jul 2015 By sarilla

Bahubali: The Beginning, the first of a two-part epic which will see its sequel releasing next year, is breaking box office records in India and abroad. Meanwhile Mr.Rajamouli is planning to dub the movie into Kiliki language.

Kiliki, the language invented solely for the purpose of this film seems to have a spell bound affect on the audience. People coming out of theatres were found displaying violent behaviour like the Kalakeyas in the film.

Now you can see Bahubali speaking in Kiliki language
Now you can see Bahubali speaking in Kiliki language

Some people were reported to be seen punching their neighbours while some people removed the seats in inox theatres inspired by the fight scenes of the movie. While it is difficult to assess the situation TV reporters blamed the Kiliki language for the aggressive behaviour among the audience.

Thousands of Bahubali fans flocked to airports and trains in order to reach Mahismathi, the fictional kingdom in Bahubali. Airlines unable to convince the crowd that Mahismathi was not real, finally decided to drop them in Andaman and Nicobar islands, while all trains were being diverted to Delhi to take this issue to the parliament.

Under intense pressure from all sides, Modi government has decided to change the name of Andaman and Nicobar islands to Mahismathi to satisfy the crowds and also to boost tourism and to garner support in the next elections from Bahubali fans.

In another incident in Delhi, around 5 girls were fainted when the golgappa seller spoke to them in kiliki language and tried to paint with a brush on a girl’s face. Girls were reportedly admitted in the trauma centre of AIIMS . Their condition seems to be critical according to sources.

Our former Prime Minister Manmohan singh inspired by watching Bahubali movie is seriously considering learning Kiliki language to confront Sonia Gandhi. Kiliki language will soon be made a national language of India since a lot of Indians were keen to learn Kiliki and even Tamil Nadu, which was against other languages seemed to have shown interest in spreading Kiliki language.

The Hindutva groups even resorted to saying that we should abandon western clothes and should dress like Bahubali while going to offices and schools to showcase our tradition and culture. They even demanded that helmets should be replaced with crowns to have a dashing traditional look while  ensuring  safety of road users.