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Bachelors drinking Tetley's Green Tea to avoid taking bath during winters

17, Feb 2014 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: Tetley’s ‘Inside wala snaan’ ad featuring Kareena Kapoor has given all the bachelors in North India a reason to smile during the peak winter season. The ad suggests that drinking green Tea is equal to bathing from inside. The ad has found immediate takers among bachelors all around north India.

Experts have called it a masterstroke of marketing. During the winters when temperature reaches below 4-5 degrees, people in North India shudder to even think about taking bath. Surveys have revealed that it is the second biggest fear among people, first being tuning in to Times Now at 9 PM.

Kareena during a promotional event.
Kareena during a promotional event.

Nirjal Baasmare, a second year student from an Engineering College in Ghaziabad told us, “Yar kasam se lag jaati hai paani ko hath lagate hi. December ne nahane nahi diya, January to muh bhi nahi dhone deti. Taking bath once in a week is a norm during winters, as deodorant becomes man’s best friend. But sometimes I could not muster courage to bath even after 2 weeks. Deep inside I used to feel guilty. Now with Inside Wala Snaan, my conscious is crystal clear from inside too. I can stand in front of a mirror, look into my eyes and tell myself that I have done ‘Inside wala Snaan’. Because of extreme cold I have even started going to toilet on alternate days.  Now I understand why Americans use tissue paper.”

But still don’t you think it’s good to take bath once in a while asked Shaitaan Khopdi™. “Absolutely not!!!,” pat came the reply from Nirjal Baasmare. “Our forefathers always stressed on the importance of inner beauty. What they wrote thousands year back, we are beginning to realize now. Ab to Holi pe hi nahaunga.”

“Imagine the luxury of drinking steaming hot Tetley Green Tea rather than shivering under shower. In less than 15 days, Tetley has done for public welfare what UPA and AAP could not do in 10 years and 1 month respectively. Even Narendra Modi who calls himself ‘Chaiwala’ could not think of such a creative idea. When I go to bath, first 10 minutes I just keep staring at bucket and the water. Imagine how much time can be saved if everybody starts drinking green tea,” Baasmare concluded.

Meanwhile Narendra Modi has suggested Kejriwal to have a cup of green tea. “He is trying to clean the political system from inside. His biological system should also remain clean from inside. December starting se hi Chai peene se katra rahe hain. Ek cup chai pee ke dekhiye, aapka man ander se saaf ho jayega, aur Satta ka  Sardi-jukaam bhi theek ho jayega,” Narendra Modi told Shaitaan Khopdi™ on ‘Chai Pe Charcha’.