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Baba Sehgal denied FIFA's offer to perform at WC opening ceremony

15, Jun 2014 By Sameer Bhangale

During a recent interview, Baba Sehgal disclosed that he was invited by FIFA for performing at 2014 Football World Cup opening ceremony. Upon his denial due to unavailability of his dates, FIFA later contacted Pitbull as they wanted only the 2nd best rapper in the world after Baba.

Greg Dyke – Fifa Chairman – is a fan of Baba’s hit music album “Thanda Thanda Pani”. Dyke is also a big fan of Ronaldo. Surprisingly Baba and Ronaldo have quite resembling faces. Dyke wanted to delight the audiences with Baba’s mindblasting raps and at the same time also dedicate a part of this grand opening ceremony to Ronaldo.

Baba Sehgal - Ronaldo
Close enough!!

Unfortunately, Baba was understood to be busy in writing lyrics for a Bhojpuri movie for which he had already committed a timeline. He also being Salman Khan’s huge fan – wanted to fulfil his already made commitments (ref: “Ek Baar Jo Maine Commitment Kar Di, Fir Mai Apne Aap ki bhi Nahi Sunta”). The FIFA delegate tried very hard to convince Baba, but to their disappointment Baba didn’t agree.

On the other hand due to Baba’s denial of this offer, Pitbull got this huge opportunity and has conveyed his thanks to Baba through Faking News.

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