Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Baahubali 2 to feature VFX artists employed by Pro-Jallikattu protesters

25, Jan 2017 By palakkadan

In a remarkable twist to the public uproar against Chennai Police in connection to the alleged police brutality and arson in Chennai on Monday, the Chennai Police Commissioner said today that the images are morphed.

Meanwhile, Director Rajamouli confirmed rumors that the VFX team responsible for the stunningly realistic images circulating on social media has been signed for the next edition of the Baahubali saga. When inquired about the details of the procedure involved in such cutting-edge graphic animation, both the police and Mr. Rajamouli refused to comment citing copyright issues.

One such action scene
One such action scene

We were able to reach out to the team who agreed to provide an outline of how such an amazing feat was achieved. Even popular actor Kamal Haasan couldn’t believe his eyes. Unable to believe the pace at which VFX technology is improving, he tweeted: “What is this. Please explain some one.

Earlier on Monday, Tamil Nadu passed a new law legalising the hugely famous bull-taming sport jallikattu, which was banned by the Supreme Court in 2014.

“This is a conspiracy-cough-to malign the name of Chennai Police. Maintaining law and order is our utmost priority”, said commissioner TK Rajendran to a Faking News reporter while standing next to a burning auto rickshaw and a crowd of police damaging vehicles.

Baahubali 2 is expected to release in April.