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Author burns laptop due to 'writer's block'

29, Oct 2014 By jsolomon008

An Author who was facing a ‘writer’s block’ burned his laptop, after the 34 year old was left frustrated working on a thriller book.

The 34 year old, whose identity remains confidential, for reason unknown  concluded that the he was left frustrated, after his protagonist was left stranded on an Island in Bermuda Triangle. His anger was further accelerated as his Windows, regularly displayed the ‘Update Now’ screen.

Speaking exclusively he said,” Well, first of all, I dint know that my hero would go to Bermuda, I dint plan it that way. It was a draft I accidentally wrote, when I was drunk, thought turns out to be a masterpiece, I cannot continue my story now.” he said.

“Yes, I was angered, and my Laptop which continuously beeped the ‘Update Now’ screen, paid its price” he added.

The 34 year old, whose identity still remains unknown, has been working on a story line, which consisted of bubbly characters.

Although, his documents are forever lost, the man, still believes that he could pull up another classic by getting drunk, once again.