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Atheist man and a Die-Hard Salman fan becomes Hanuman Bhakt after watching Bajarangi Bhaijaan trailer

23, Jun 2015 By The Satire Sadhu

Chanchad Kumar, a resident of Gazhiabad who had been an atheist for long, soon after watching Bajarangi Bhaiaan Trailer, suddenly became Hanuman Bhakt. The incident happened on Saturday when Chanchad saw Bajarangi Bhaijaan trailer and immediately after that went to nearest Hanuman Temple.

Salaman's Bajarangi Bhaijaan triler becomes inspiration for Babu
Salaman’s Bajarangi Bhaijaan triler becomes inspiration for Babu

Faking news Reporter Kuch B Fenku went on and took exclusive interview of Chanchad as well his family.His mother had very happy expressions and said, “It is such a moment of proud. My son Chanchad (aka Babu ) was very atheist and never went to temple. Also, he disliked all religious rituals. Since long we have been trying to change his mindset but nothing worked.”

On asked about the incident of last Saturday she further added, “Chanchad is a die-hard Salman Khan fan. He watches all his movies in first day last show.” As last show is generally at late night and its costlier then first show, so Chanchad contributes more towards making Salman movie break 100 crores. Recollecting the exact incident she further added, “On Saturday evening around 6, he returned from work and opened YouTube to watch Bajarangi Bhaijaan’s latest trailer. Immediately after watching the trailer he went somewhere and around half an hour later he entered home with Prasad in hand. The moment I realized he came from Hanuman Mandir is above explanation. I was happier than Sonia Gandhi would be if Rahul Gandhi had won all 542 seats.”

Babu's face before and afterwatching   trailer
Babu’s face before and after watching trailer

When asked Babu (Chanchad), He said, “Jay Bajarang Bali, Bhai (Salman) just showed me the way. His movies always give us something insightful. Something that transforms your life and leaves you in deep thoughts.  I seriously thank him to divert me toward religion.”

He concluded with “Jai ho Bhai ; Jai Bajarangbali”. He also started doing all Saturdays as Saturday is the day of Hanuman, however his way is a bit different; after watching Bhai’s movie on first-day last show  on Friday; he will directly go sleep on Saturday.

He said, “This the least I am doing for Bhai”.

In his locality, Babu is getting famous as Babu Bajarangi. Babu also changed his profile picture on Facebook and and has put a selfie with Hanuman as profice picture, with tag line ‘Selfie Le Le Re’.

On asked about the incident, Sohail Khan ; president of AISFA (All India Salamn Fan Association) told that Salman has done so many good things too this country; ranging from being human to making people religious. Indian Government should consider this and make some special law for him to forfeit all cases against him.

Meanwhile some people have been questioning on how that little girl shown in trailer came from Paksitan. Arnab Goswamy also blamed that on humanitarian ground, the girl travelled from Pakistan to India after Sushma Swaraj’s help. Congress spokesperson demanded Resignation from Narendra Modi on the same. He is also added that this is a non-secular government as it influences religion spread through movies stating example of above incident.

Note : This article is complete imagination and has been written as satire and to generate humor and does not intentionally point to any person or organization or anything.