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ASI unearths unseen pictures of Sunny leone

19, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

In a new development, Faking News team has been privy to some breaking news. It appears ASI team was not completely unsuccessful in their digging operations. The team at the excavation site were not too keen to share their findings but our team was able to extract some information. A box recovered from the site containing unpublished pictures of Sunny leone has been submitted to AICC (All India Chartira Committee) spokesperson dighaar singh for verification.

Morphed pic of Sunny leone
Some people are claiming that the pic is morphed.

When contacted, Sunny Leone refused to acknowledge the pictures at first but when prodded admitted that the face is indeed hers but the body has been morphed.

In a related news, a man from the northern state of bihar (we are not telling who!) caused the internet to malfunction when he tried searching for “sunny leone fully clothed”. This particular search term caused the search engines to go into recursion. Google in a press release has advised internet users to refrain from using this particular malicious search term.