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Asaram to participate in Bigg Boss 7

03, Sep 2013 By Shashank Tiwary

Mumbai. The most hyped show of the nation in which intellectuals from various fields are locked up in a house will feature Asaram. Going by the media speculations, Asaram is ready and potent to join Bigg Boss7. He will be playing God in this season of Big Boss which is based on the theme of hell and heaven.

‘’We will be graced by his presence in the show. Though female contestants don’t seem to agree to this but I think they will come along once they see some of his tricks,’’ a guy from the sets named Manish told this to Faking News on the condition of keeping his name anonymous which, as you can see, we didn’t quite follow.

Asaam Bapu
Bapu’s response when asked what he thought about Bigg Boss

‘’A special room will be built for him, just like the one from which the Jodhpur police arrested him. Contestants who come in bottom three will get to spend some quality time with him in that room. We believe some people will take risk to come in bottom three to avail this chance while some may never want to enter bottom three due to this, which will make the show exciting. Asaram has asked not to install any CCTV camera in the room. Ramdev Baba is also expected to join the show but he has refused wearing salwar kurta and visiting Asaram in that room,’’ the same guy added.

It is believed that the show will break all TRP records as all the followers of Asaram and police will be watching it regularly. The only concern for the producers of the show is that Asaram may run away from the Bigg Boss house as he has been on a running spree lately.

‘’We are delighted to have both Asaram and Salman on our show. Both of them have helped people to connect to God- Asaram with his sermons and Salman with his err…SUV,’’ another guy told Faking News.

Both Salman’s and Asaram’s fans are excited at this new development. “We want both of them to do a movie together. Salman can make a sequel to God Tussi Great Ho with him, or maybe Asaram can play a villain in Dabang 3. I’m sure Chulbul Pandey won’t be able to arrest him,” a Salman Khan fan added.

“Doesn’t matter if we never voted in the elections but we’ll regularly send our votes through mobile on Big Boss,” said one of Asaram’s followers.

Asaram has confirmed to be a part of the show only if Jodhpur police doesn’t make a wild card entry. Salman Khan too agrees to that demand.