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Asaram Bapu courts new controversy, says the buck should've pleaded Salman not to shoot it

08, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Jodhpur, Rajasthan: The controversial self-styled godman Asaram Bapu has reportedly sparked a new controversy with his remarks on Salman’s black buck case saying the buck should’ve pleaded Salman not to shoot it before being shot.

Speaking to our reporters in a low baritone pitch from behind the bars, Asaram said it was really careless on the buck’s part to not have pleaded for life and instead getting shot without even trying to fall at the shooter’s feet. He remarked the buck had an opportunity to persuade Salman to “shoot movies instead”.

“The buck is responsible for its actions.”

He even said, “The buck should’ve checked with the shooter on number of bullets left in the gun so at-least it could count on its luck and play games like ‘Magar-ek-sharth-hai’ or ‘Main-teen-tak-ginoonga’ with him. In my opinion, the buck should’ve demanded Salman for a 10K run challenge in the jungle, which definitely might have saved its life.”

Asaram blamed the buck’s poor hiding skills as a reason for getting shot as he said, “The buck had grown up in a dense jungle, it should easily have possessed skills like hiding behind the bushes or barks of huge trees.”

Sources say noted journalist Barkha Dutt had once trolled Salman by inviting him to her show “The Buck Stops Here”. After witnessing this controversy, the Rajasthan government has banned the godman from further opinions from behind the bars.