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Arvind Kejriwal to file FIR against Salman Khan and brothers

12, Feb 2014 By thepelicanclub

After showing Reliance Industries its place with an FIR filed earlier in the day, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has decided to carry on the momentum to weed out corruption from Bollywood as well. The Delhi Government is soon planning to lodge an FIR against Bhai and his family members.

Corruption King?

Kejriwal has said that Anti Corruption Bureau has been directed to file FIR against Salman Khan, his brother and Jai-Ho director Sohail Khan and Dabangg 2 director Arbaaz Khan in connection with complaints filed by Jai-Ho ticket purchasers and distributors/theater owners against quality of Salman Khan films and price at which they are sold to everyone outside Bhai’s family.

Kejriwal further added that Delhi Government has been receiving multiple complains of corruption in Salman Khan’s movies like poor quality, lack of acting, absence of script and done-to-death sms jokes. The Khan brothers have conspired to get windfall gains for their family at expense of distributors, exhibitors and worst of all – Aam Aadmis and Aurats.

For good measure, FIR will also be filed against Comedy Circus for providing sustained employment to Sohail and Arbaaz on turn basis while other creates a new scam directs another Bhai movie.