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Arvind Kejriwal signed for Nautanki Saala sequel

24, Jan 2014 By sportstadkakk

Director of flop movies and great friend of Abhishek Bacchan (well that explains a lot) Rohan Sippy (not to be confused with Rohit Shetty) has decided to make the sequel of his last flop movie ‘Nautanki Saala’. The movie would be titled ‘Nautanki Saala 2’ and is going to star Arvind Kejriwal – our very own ‘Aam Aadmi Mukhyamantri ‘as the main lead.

Nautanki Saala.
Nautanki Saala.

Rohan said the decision was taken when he saw Arvind and his party members doing a ‘dharna’ on every news channel and everywhere on social networking sites. “That was incredible” said Rohan, ”Itni TRP to meri total movies ki nahi hui aj tak jitni ye banda roz kama leta hai. I wonder when he gets time to run the government.”

When asked that why he wants Arvind to do the role, Rohan replied,”Its obvious isn’t it?? I mean he is a born talent. AK is the one who’ll fit in perfectly in the lead role and the supporting actors would be Somnath Bharti, Prashant Bhushan and Kumar Vishwas. I mean u cant ask for more can u? They are trying to make their party national. I think the movie platform will take them to the next level altogether.”

AAP leaders meanwhile have denied all this reports and said this is a political strategy of BJP +Congress +Media people + Entertainment people + Every other human being who is against them to defame their leader Arvind Kejriwal. Few have also started calling him Mahatma Kejriwal. They further added,”Janta sab dekh rhi h,janta inhe sabak sikhaegi. Band karo bollywood ki movies. Ye sab movies me bhrashtachar hota h.Ab ek bhi movie 100 crore nahi kamaegi.

Meanwhile, the News has spread like a wildfire and several people have given their opinion about it. Faking News correspondent Ainvayi Launda caught up with some of them and asked their opinion about the same.

Karan Johar: Brilliant!! Now I have another controversial person to interview on my show! I’ll pair him up with Rakhi Sawant.

Amitabh Bacchhan: Well that means another movie for Abhi beta. Rohan never makes a movie without him. Chalo that is a good news.

Uday Chopra: I would like to welcome his move and I would like to tell him that if he needs any help in acting, I would be glad to share my opinions and would readily give my tips.

Tushar Kapoor: 100% agree with Uday.

Sanjay Dutt: I hope he increases my parole further being a Government dignitary.Bole to Film vale hi film valo ki madad karenge na.

Prahlad Khakkar: Advertising Industry will find a new star now. He is a marketing King. Ganjo ko haircut b de deta hai. The first advertise would be a comb’s for sure.

Sushil Kumar Shinde: Yede ki movie ka Music Launch main hi karunga.

Manish Malhotra: Well the Kejri muffler is already in now. He doesn’t require much styling.

Colours Channel: If he flops in movies, he’ll be an asset in Big Boss.

Lt Governor of Delhi: Come back, you moron! Your people are creating havoc in Delhi! At least try to run the government rather than increasing TRP for the News Channels.