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Arvind Kejriwal set to enter Big Boss house after exposing

12, Sep 2013 By joyy

New Delhi : Politicians are trying to get back at Arvind Kejriwal by giving him a taste of his own medicine as they plan a sensational expose on the AAP neta; this after he unearthed various scams involving them. According to a source, these politicians who are experts in getting things like coal and roads digged up for their own benefits, have managed to dig out some major information about the reason behind these exposes on national television.  They state that Kejriwal wants to be a contestant on the popular reality show Big Boss 7.

A beaming Kejriwal
A beaming Kejriwal

According to our source, it seems that it had been brought to the notice of the politicians that Kejriwal is a huge fan of Big Boss and has been trying to get himself into the show. But seeing that he was not a famous personality from T.V. or films and that he would rather spend his time doing better things for the country than gyrating to the songs played in the morning in the Big Boss house, his profile was rejected. So Kejriwal chose the next option which would get him in the house – EXPOSING.

After having seen various others get into the house based on their exposing prowess; Kejriwal took to the streets to expose the various assets and favors that these politicians had gained. This expose, he believed, when done in front of the media would not only help bring the guilty people to the notice of every citizen but would also fulfill his life’s dream of being a Big Boss inmate. “I have been to prison now many a times, but the Big Boss prison…Ohh Sorry… the Big Boss house would be a different experience altogether”, Kejriwal was heard saying this to his aides.

After hearing this, one of the thousand attention seeking Page 3 socialite, was said to be furious with Kejriwal. In a press conference, she accused Kejriwal of stealing her idea of getting attention. She told the gathered media personnel “This is unacceptable. I have been exposing so much for the past so many months for no apparent reason and nobody was interested, suddenly this guy comes along and exposes a few not so good looking politicians with assets nowhere as rich as mine, and he gets all the limelight. This is blatant plagiarism of my idea and I am planning to sue him for it”, is what she revealed before revealing her own assets in front of a shocked media.

Meanwhile it is said that the shows organizers have taken note of this and might consider Kejriwal for the show. It is said that the first thing Kejriwal will do after entering the Big Boss house is expose exactly who the Big Boss is.