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Arvind Kejriwal offered roles in the next 007 and Avengers movie

12, Sep 2014 By johnrj

In a sensational news that has caused mixed responses amongst supporters of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal has been approached by movie producers to become the hero of the next Bond movie and part of the Avengers team.

“We are very impressed by Mr. Kejriwal’s amazing spying expertise and intellect on it so we would love to have him in our next movie,” said the casting incharge of the next Bond movie, “He seems to have info about everything from Swiss banks to all the secret illegal deals  done by politicians in India. He is the obvious next Bond.”

“He deserves to be in the next Avengers.” said the casting incharge of Avengers. “He could be the ultimate spy master on the avengers unit. He could avenge bad politicians on behalf of the people.”

The name is Kejriwal, Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP fans have started rejoicing for the fact that their leader’s reputation has reached even foreign countries.

“We believe in Kejriwal sir! If India doesn’t accept him, he will become a movie star and then come back to India. We give more respect to actors and sportsmen than humble honest people so why not try this,” said an excited AAP fan.

Many AAP fans have had split opinions on the movie offers received by their leader.

“He is an Aam Admi. He is not a one man army to dress himself as a spy and save the world by himself. We would like all of the aam admi team to be in the next Avengers. Our AAP’s Kumar Vishwas could be Captain America, Yogendra Yadav could be Iron man, Somnath Bharti can be the hulk and so forth,” said an AAP supporter.

“He is perfect for Bond movie only,” said another AAP supporter. “Even if he gets captured by enemies during his spy duty he can fast for many days and survive. He can also survive slaps since he has already received heavy training in that from numerous numbers of people.”

Due to the diverse opinions formed over the movie and character roles, AAP has planned to conduct a nationwide poll on which movie to choose. AAP’s leadership however is not satisfied about the offer due to the directors’ refusal to have any dharna related scenes or having only aam admi vehicles instead of expensive cars or gadgets.

“We don’t want to use any weapons, expensive cars or high tech gadgets,” said an AAP spokesperson. “Kejriwal sir will use only a watch, one cough syrup bottle, travel in bicycle like any aam admi and not use any weapons. We will not accept the role till the director comes to us and talks to our friends gathered here about the story first.”

On the other hand, Smriti Irani hearing about the movie offers has presented a PhD certificate on Spying from Oxford university to try to get the role for the next bond girl or replace Scarlett Johannson in Avengers

“Our lady Smriti Irani has a PhD in the spy PhD program they conducted in Oxford university years back after she got bored of the regular degrees,” said her spokesperson. Talks are still under progress for her role in the movies.

Due to the controversial conditions and circumstances, the future of both the movies is on hold. Further announcements will be made in the forthcoming months.