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Arnold Schwarzenegger returns from Chennai, however only remembers Maggi eaten at the airport

22, Sep 2014 By saltywonton

It was in news that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in Chennai to promote an Indian film “Ai” in September 2014.  The film was made by Shankar and had Vikram playing lead role.

According to sources, “Arny” was pretty pleased with his experience at Chennai meeting his counterparts and others however after returning his only strong memory was that of the Maggi noodles served at Chennai airport for just US$1.

When questioned upon returning as to how is trip was it was believed he said in his typical imitable style “Cool Spaetzle!!” Of course he meant it was served “hot”. He reminisced his early days in Austria on having the first scoop of these noodles. Some say he had tears in his eyes just like in Tamil films. But that’s nostalgia or probably the spice no one knows!

He tried the Mysorepa from Sree Krishna Sweets next door, as well, but could not get over Maggi noodles and its affordable rate for Indians. He asked the shopkeeper “Why so cheap?” The owner said, “Dont ask me “Y” just “yinjai”! This pleased him further and he gulped the remaining maggi.

Apparently he will be promoting and complimenting the special effects of the movie “Maggi (Ai)” to his Hollywood counterparts and also thinks of suggesting Chennai airport Maggie dish as a recommended food for a fit body.