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Arnab Goswami signed for Gadar sequel

30, Aug 2013 By 0mar Abdullah

Mumbai. After the blockbuster success of Gadar in 2001, Anil Sharma wants to make its sequel as Gadar-2.

“Yes, I’ve written the story for Gadar-2 and soon it will be on the roll,” he told our reporter. “Arnab Goswami is in the leading role,” he added further.

“Who Arnab. That anchor from Times Now?,” asked our reporter to Anil Sharma.

Gadar 2
The movie poster is already out and is creating a lot of buzz.

“Yes that spunky forever angry young middle aged man from Times Now has been singed for Gadar-2. He is the obvious choice. The way he dominates any debate especially when Pakistanis are his panelists reminds me a lot of Sunny Deol’s character from first Gadar. Without digital effect Arnab’s sound and his decibel is much higher than Sunny. I think Arnab would be much more dangerous for Pakistanis than Sunny Deol was in Gadar. He and I are very much excited about project,” he added.

Meanwhile several Pakistanis soldiers and terrorists have already surrendered to Indian Army ever since they heard that Arnab may come to shoot (pun intended) in their territory.