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Armaan Kohli and Tanisha refuse to leave the Bigg Boss house even after winning the show

29, Nov 2013 By Anil Sharma

Mumbai: In quite a surprising incident two of Bigg Boss’ controversial contestants Armaan Kohli and Tanisha Mukherji refused to leave the house even after winning the show jointly.

Armaan & Tanisha happily living after in Bigg Boss house.
Armaan & Tanisha happily living after in Bigg Boss house.

The incident took place after superdude Sophia and the very pretty Andy’s eviction from the house which left Armaan and Tanisha as the only contenders for winning the show.

Armaan and Tanisha were the two finalists who made it to the very end in the Bigg Boss house. It was a close contest between these two which ended in a tie. And both Armaan and Tanisha were announced winners.  But instead of getting excited for winning and going to their own homes they both started crying hugging each other. After a few very erotic emotional  moments they decided to not to leave the house forever.

“We were shocked to know that Armaan and Tanisha refused to leave the house even after winning the show. The Big Boss himself ordered them to leave the house quite a few times but they ignored him completely,” Rajesh Kumar, the co-producer of Bigg Boss told Faking News.

“We then tried to open the door to get inside and get them out but we were shocked to learn that the door was locked from inside. We tried to convince them every possible way but they refused to listen,” Rajesh further added.

Apparently, Armaan Kohli also threatened people who were trying to get them out of the house saying “Don’t force us, I am warning you, else we will both come out and start making movies again.”

This warning of Armaan Kohli worked out well as people backed off immediately. Even Salman Khan, who was waiting for them to come out of the house, went home straight away after Armaan’s warning.

“Now, I don’t want them to come out and make stupid movies. As you know stupid cinema is making quite a big money nowadays. Who wants competition anyway?” Salman said and walked away.

Sources say that Armaan and Tanisha both are refusing to leave the Bigg Boss house because it’s the only house in the country where people know them, recognize them and treat them as celebrities.

However, this incident has raised several eyebrows. People are even claiming that “free food” is the only reason they’re not leaving the house as just like every other contestant of Bigg Boss they’re jobless too.

On the other hand the famous movie critic Taran Adarsh is also worried after getting to know that Armaan and Tanisha are not coming out of the house as the both were supposed to be his first guests on his upcoming show called “Toffee with Taran”.