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Annual Day singer collapses on stage after singing the first line of Sun Raha Hai

05, Jul 2015 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: In a shocking incident, an engineering student from Osmania University reportedly collapsed on stage after singing the first line of Ashiqui 2 song Sun Raha Hai at the college’s annual day function. He was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital after the incident where his condition is said to be stable.

Mohan Kumar is a second year student from Computer Science branch and is an ardent lover of music. He is a guitarist cum singer and has fans from across various departments in his university. Mohan is believed to have been a part of many stage performances before this incident happened.

Mohan had a similar expression before collapsing.

Faking News reporters spoke to one of his close friends who said, “On-stage improvisation went horribly wrong when Mohan sang the Apne Karam Ki Kar Adayeeeeeen for 20 beats instead of singing it for the usual 12-13 beat range. As soon as the Yaaraaa part was over, he fell unconscious on the stage possibly because he couldn’t catch his breath. This has never happened to him in the past where he comfortably sang complex Hindustani ragas with flair. Anyway, I thank God, for he is now stable as per the latest reports from doctors. I would strongly advise everyone against blindly aping these Bollywood singers.”

“I don’t deny the abilities singers possess but what the blindly aping amateurs should realize is that there is a copy-paste ‘loop’ job that lets the vocals sustain for any length of time one desires and what you hear at the end, in your mp3, is a product of editing,” said a friend of Mohan.

Sources say, some amateurs these says are trying to emulate even the output of vocal processors directly from their throats while some are of the opinion that lip-syncing can actually earn them the required name and fame along with money irrespective of the talent they possess.