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Animal activist misreads Salman Khan's controversial tweet, blasts him for advocating "Tiger Murder"

28, Jul 2015 By yetAnotherGhati

A renowned animal activist, long associated with the fledgling movement to rouse public opinion against actor Salman Khan for his

Hang Tiger. Enough of Black buck
Hang Tiger. Enough of Black buck

involvement in the Black Buck and Chinkara poaching cases, publicly lambasted the actor on Twitter after misreading his controversial tweet “Get tiger hang him. Parade him not his brother”.

“First black bucks and chinkaras, then the homeless, now he wants to murder tigers. Why is he still a free man!? #ImprisonSalman” read the activist’s scathing tweet. However, once people started commenting suggestions that she read the actor’s tweet in its entirety, the activist retracted her tweet, blaming her mobile app for the misunderstanding with the following apology: “Only read first four words of Salman Khan’s tweet as displayed by mobile app, didn’t realize he was talking about a person… #Oops”