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Anil Kapoor hospitalized after he used lawn mower to shave his chest

24, Sep 2013 By Ash Kabir

Mumbai. Anil “Hedgehog” Kapoor, known for his angry young man roles and gorilla like body hair, was hospitalized this morning following a freak chest shaving accident.

Fortunately Mr. Kapoor’s perpetually unemployed daughter Rhea had little else to do with her time and was at home when the accident occurred.

Not to be mistaken with a Chimpanzee

After having jammed four different electric trimmers, Mr. Kapoor apparently had requested his gardener to use a lawn mower to remove his back hair. An errant blade nicked an artery and Mr. Kapoor later required a transfusion. Panic stricken fans were reassured by a family spokesman that his trademark mustache was not harmed and at no point was in danger.

Mr. Kapoor’s other daughter Sonam was unable to locate her father owing to an order by Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan that all hospitals in Mumbai be named after Rajiv Gandhi.

Anil Kapoor is currently recovering in the hospital’s ‘Nair Unit.’