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Angry Birds latest version to be based on software engineers

11, Nov 2014 By sangam

Bangalore. In a major move to grab attention(even though they don’t belong to AAP or Shiv Sena) and increase their popularity by many folds  Finnish game developer company Rovio Entertainment has decided to launch the latest version Angry Birds, which will be based on software engineers.

Angry engineer.
Angry engineer.

In this version birds will be replaced by software engineers and pigs will be replaced by team leads and project managers. Also the characters of this game can be customized as per user’s wish.

When asked why they were going to do so, Kaj Hed, the 70% stakeholder of Rovio Entertainment told the press, “We started our game based on some angry wingless birds whose eggs were stolen by pigs and this got them infuriated. But when you look around yourself you will find software engineers are most frustrated people out there. They are always pissed off on their team leads and project managers.”

“In our game, the birds are angry because their eggs were stolen, just think of how much anger must be inside those folks whose life has been stolen by their leads and project managers. They badly want to release this anger on them but can’t do fearing of appraisals and ratings(even though they don’t get it anyways). Our game will provide them a platform to vent their anger on them.”

Hearing this news, software engineers across the world especially those in India are really happy and are anxiously awaiting the launch of this version.

One of the Indian engineers when asked about this agreed to reply on the condition of anonymity. He said, “Yaar i am really excited for this game. Can’t wait to play this. Even if they charge some money I will surely pay and drop a bomb on my project manager at least 10 times a day.”