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Alok Nath inspires Zuckerberg, triggers major Facebook reforms

06, Jan 2014 By joshi

After a series of Alok Nath memes bombed Facebook, a curious Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg started reading about Alok Nath and zeroed in on him.

Inspirational figure.

If his close friends are to be believed, Zuckerberg drew huge inspiration from Alok Nath and contacted Babuji in order to seek his blessings i.e. aashirwaad.

Alok Nath blessed Zuckerberg and team and pointed out some changes on Facebook as per his sanskaars. Zuckerberg immediately recognized the importance of these changes and has forwarded the following list of changes to the Board of Directors for consideration:

1. Replace ‘like’ button on Facebook with ‘Aashirwaad’ button

2. ‘Events’ on Facebook to be changed to Jaagran, Aarti and Pooja.

3. Accept FB join-in applications only after approval of parents.

4. Use ‘checkpoints’ only for pointing out entrance/exit from religious locations.

5. Remove all Alok Nath memes from FB and enroll the uploaders of such memes for a ‘Sanskaar Workshop’.

6. “Shared Posts” to be known as “Sanskaar’d Posts”

7. ‘Friends’ on Facebook to be termed as ‘Rishteydaars’ instead

8. Facebook not to be recognized as a social networking website but as a ‘Sanskaarik Samadhaan Peeth’

9. ‘What are you doing’ options to be changed to ‘Studying’, ‘Touching Parents Feet’, ‘Praying’ and ‘Sanskaaring’.

10. ‘Page Likes’ to be renamed as ‘Page Pranaams/Namaskaars’.