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Alok Nath in talk with Colors, want to show his ugly side through Bigg Boss

08, Jan 2014 By Sandeep Singh

Mumbai – The bollywood veteran who never got too much popularity because of his roles suddenly became overnight sensation following trolls on him that started on Twitter.

Alok Nath posing with Middle finger but the
Alok Nath posing with Middle finger but the “Sanskari” image is still intact.

The joke format spread like wild fire and soon the fun went viral even on Facebook. Soon the “Aashirvaad”, “Kanyadaan”, “Sanskar” took over the web. Alok Nath got to know about his fame from his children. The actor, mostly a fatherly figure (babuji) was quite alright with the jokes at start but it seemed never ending.

The Twitterati went as far as

“Alok Nath ne Apni Patni ka Khud hi Kanyadaan Kar diya”. “Alok nath hits the Ji Spot of her wife”. “Alok Nath uses Haldi Chandan flavored condoms”.

On Monday Alok Nath ran out of patience his immediate reaction was “I am a bad boy .. I would prove it to the world”. If sources are to be believed  Alok Nath called up the producer of Colors TV Channel and asked if he could be a part of Bigg Boss season 8.

Salman Khan confirmed the news, “Alok Bhai err.. I mean Sir called me up regarding his inclusion in Bigg Boss but as you know I am not involved in all these decisions .. I gave him the producer’s number”.

Alok Nath also called some of the ex-contestants for tips, Dolly Bindra, Rakhi Sawant, Imam Sidique, Armaan Kohli etc are the few with whom he discussed strategies.

Armaan Kohli tweeted “Teaching some Gaaliyas to the Babuji .. Excited. Season 8 would rock”. Virat Kohli replied to the tweet “Give him my regards too (sic)”.

“Bigg Boss is a rumored family show but it has destroyed image of many celebrities, I think it would be the apt platform for him to show his wild side and get rid of the Babuji tag” said Alok Nath’s PR person.

Meanwhile, Alok Nath got sympathy of Rajnikant and Ravindra Jadeja who already have face this kind of  social treatment.