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Alia Bhatt to guest lecture IIM and IIT students on ‘How to become Genius of the Year’

30, Aug 2014 By glaximusmaximus

Mumbai: Following the success of her own parody video called ‘Genius of the Year’ Alia Bhatt has been inundated with congratulatory messages from all over the world for having transformed herself from a ‘dumb girl’ to ‘not so dumb girl’ within a span of one  video.

Alia Bhatt’s infamous appearance in one of the episodes of Koffee with Karan where she failed to give the correct answer to the question ‘who is the current President of India’  made her a butt of all jokes and  earned her a ‘Yo Alia so dumb’ memes. The jokes went so far that even International Institute of aptitude science couldn’t help but take a note of Alia Bhatt jokes and coined the term ‘Alia Bhatt level’ to identify the IQ level ranging below zero.

Traumatised by the dumb-girl image she created for herself, Alia Bhatt took a pot-shot at herself by appearing in her own parody video where she plays herself as she decides to join a mental gym for work her brains out and eventually emerge  as a brainy celebrity worthy of having a mental stand off against Karan Johar.

Alia Bhatt
Yes she will

Unperturbed by allegations made by people who accuse her PR agents to have staged her intellectual transformation, the actress reportedly has been found celebrating her new found intelligence by reading Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s  famous book – Discovery of India- although she was seen holding the book upside-down.

Friends close to Alia Bhatt have informed our sources that she has also been invited by famous institutes like IIM and IIT to guest lecture the students on ‘How to become Genius of the Year.’

The official representatives of IIM have confirmed the news further stating “even though our institute’s demand had fallen because of Alia Bhatt’s character in 2 States portrayed as an IIM student, we have still decided to go ahead and invite her to guest lecture our students”

“We want to acknowledge Alia Bhatt’s improved level of general knowledge so she can share some tips on how our dull students [for having chosen MBA] can prove having intelligence in them by making a believable parody video of themselves,” one of the officials added.

The video which documents Alia Bhatt’s supposed intellectual growth seems to have inspired scores of people, i.e. celebrities and non-celebrities alike. For instance Varun Dhawan , famously known as  David Dhawan and Govinda’s love-child was so inspired by Alia Bhatt’s video that he decided to go back to school and resume his studies since he is believed to have  been dropped out of school when he was  in 4th standard.

Following the suite is India’s current HRD Minister Smt. Smriti Irani, who has drawn flak for having insufficient educational qualification to govern India’s educational system. The insiders have informed our sources that the famous Bahurani of daily soap opera and now the Sasu Maa of Indian educational system has allegedly been found pitching the idea of making her own parody video which shows her attending classes in Yale University while she breaks into Tulsi Puja whenever recess takes place.  “She aims to prove with this video that she is not only qualified to handle HRD ministry but also ministry of Culture, if given a chance.”

Also, joining the horde of population inspired by Alia Bhatt is none other than our very own unintentional writer of jokes Mr. Rahul Gandhi who has been allegedly found seeking tips from Alia Bhatt on how to become  genius of the year.

When our sources approached Mr. Gandhi to shed more light on this matter, he rubbished the news calling it a baseless rumour and wailed with an outburst saying, “WHY WOULD I DO THAT? Moreover, the whole scene about Alia Bhatt becoming a genius is nothing but the biggest scam India has ever seen. If she did become intelligent then how can she forget at the end of the video that India had her first lady Prime minister before and that too it was my grandma Smt. Indira Gandhi?“

“It appears that her intelligence left her at the speed of Jupiter’s escape velocity,” he added.