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Alia Bhatt questions Article 370, asks where are A, An and The

30, May 2014 By Postman Chacha

Mumbai. With the discussion raging regarding removal of article 370 and politicians behaving as their land is being illegally annexed , one of the most intellectual brain of our time, Alia Bhatt, jumped into the discussion.

Mahesh Bhatt
Alia Bhatt’s father

She said, “what is all this fuss related to articles. Is a, an and the no more part of it. God, it is the only thing I learnt. “

While Ajay Maken and Kapil Sibbal didn’t question her intelligence as she has already played role of IIM grad, some of lesser mortals explained her that it is a law rather than grammar code. Surprised on her lack of knowledge on such trivial matters she said, “well gays and lesbians must have equal rights as straight people “. Our reporter Buri Khabar interrupted her that she was talking about Article 377, at which she laughed and responded that they all sound so similar (face-palm).

Before any one could cross-question her ,she fired some more disturbing questions like ,why no one allowed Pranab Da to speak beyond “main” in the swearing ceremony and how Vivek Oberoi managed to look like a walking lotus, wearing a lotus.

Sources have confirmed that Alia will stage a dharna, and is already in talks with the “GUY” himself for its successful media coverage.