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Alia Bhatt for "Author's League" to avenge Chetan Bhagat for "Nach Baliye"

18, Jun 2015 By Dr. Yashwant

Mumbai: “When people having absolutely no experience as professional choreographers can judge dancing shows, then why should I not be judging “Author’s League”, yelled Alia Bhatt on reporters who were asking plethora of queries on her decision for joining jury of “Author’s League”.

The new reality show “Author’s League” will be aired in August by Star Plus after completion of Nach Baliye this year to judge finest of literature by best known authors of present time. Alia Bhatt is going to be a permanent member of jury for the complete series. Explaining her experiences and achievements in Literature, Alia Bhatt showed her Class X mark sheet with English as a subject confirming her eligibility and ability to judge the literature.

Yes! This is so fascinating! My favourite book would be the one that is the biggest one.
“Yes! This is so fascinating! I know the thumb-rule , bigger the book; better the author.”: Alia Bhatt

At the same time, she asked, “why do you (reporters) never inquired to Chetan Bhagat about his qualifications or diploma for dance or drama as a subject”. While everyone was still in surprise about the candid explanation by Alia, there was something more to reveal for the press conference. She also announced that, Rajpal Yadav who is the best friend of actress is also going to join the jury of yet another reality show,”India Got Body Builders” where finest of body builders around the globe will showcase their muscles and compete for the finale.

Chetan Bhagat, surprised with the decision of Alia did not provided any formal comments to reporters. Informally, he met with the editor of Faking News and showed the personal album of all stranger marriage parties where he danced during his graduation time. He said, “Alia may not have taken as many dance classes as I have attended marriages of unknown people during my IIT days”. He confessed that the situation of pathetic food was the biggest inspiration for learning and utilizing ‘Barati dance steps’ to get good dinners at ‘Barats’. He added,”Each of those stranger marriage parties are equivalent to degree or diploma to me”.

Bhagat gone into tears showing the last few pics of his album. In an emotional voice he said “these are the pics of marriage party of my ex- girlfriend, but my dedication to eat good food after performing ‘Barati’ dance numbers is unmatched and this is the biggest example of my worthiness of becoming a jury of any dance show”. To confirm his story, he even performed a 2 minute ‘Naagin’ dance inspired by Sridevi from the film ‘Nagina’.