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Alia Bhatt believes in Faking News articles, gets trolled yet again

17, Jul 2014 By vargv

Mumbai. Our pretty doll has been a source of many internet trolls and Whatsapp forwards. Willing to educate herself about daily events in the country after getting repeatedly trolled by the nation, Alia started following Faking News last month. Unaware of the satire of Faking News’ articles, our brand ambassador of trolls, became a source of more jokes instead.

Alia Bhatt
Alia shook her head after she was told about the truth.

“She used to discus news with us. We used to laugh thinking where did she get the new sense of humor from. It was just amazing”, said her friend Varun.  “After acting and singing, I thought Alia is taking a shot at comedy. I didn’t know she was doing it unknowingly”, said Sid.

Alia’s father Mahesh who had caught her reciting Faking News articles in her room had this to say, “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.” He made more comments which our correspondents couldn’t decipher.

Her mentor Karan Johar said, “I don’t know what to do with this girl. I called her on my show for the second time so that she could recreate her image, but I guess we have to live with the fact that she is a bimbo. God, i was gonna invite her for the next season as well; what a disaster that would have been. I shouldn’t have cast her in Student of the Year; it sends out a wrong signal to dedicated students worldwide.”

Alia wasn’t available for comments (obviously). People close to her told our correspondents that she is having a hard time deciding what is real and what isn’t. She thinks all these years were just a dream. Nolan’s Inception has furthered her suspicions. Her parents are contemplating enrolling her back in school so that she could complete her education; properly this time.