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After Vidhan Sabha and Lok Sabha, Kejriwal to contest Big Boss 8

14, Apr 2014 By itguy

Kejriwal pointing to a corrupt and communal contestant in Bigg Boss house.

New Delhi 17 May 2014: In an interesting turn of events, Mr.Arvind Kejriwal ex-CM of Delhi has decided to contest in Big Boss Season 8.

In an exclusive interview with Faking news, Mr Kejriwal explained his next big move to change India. Below are excepts from the interview:-

Interviewer: Mr. Kejriwal, Why do you think Big boss is the right place for you?

Kejriwal: Khau-khau, Khau-Khau. Big Boss is the biggest platform to bring change in this country. It is being watched by more people than who watch news or even turn out for voting in this country. It is very secular too, leave alone the religion, nobody even knows the name of the participants! I am safe here as Big boss will throw any candidate who slaps me. I will daily eat mangoes and clean whole house thereby promoting my aam and jhaadu symbols Indians care more about who is inside Bigg Boss than who is inside parliament. I will get more publicity and votes here.

Interviewer: Mr Kejriwal, how do you think that you can change India through BB ? Kejriwal: Khau-khau, Khau-Khau. I will change India at very household level. I concur with Khaps that we are what we eat! After changing the way politics is done in this country, I will bring the change in cooking style now! It will empower the women of this country too. I will prohibit the use of tamasic (read corruptive) products like onion , garlic, chowmein in all non-vegan food”. Khau-khau, Khau-Khau!

There were mixed reactions from other participants of the reality show .Our Faking news reporter got an opportunity to talk to few :-

Akash Ambani: This is cruel and against humanity! This guy is to fasting what Einstein is to e=mc2. He will cook all this crap and make us eat. But “Baap ka , chacha ka,tata ka,birla sabka badla lega re yeh Akash

Azam khan’s 8 buffaloes: This is so unfair and against right of equality! Kejriwal can do more “Gobar” then all of us combined. Considering what he did in delhi, AIBA (All India buffalo association) president, Vidya balan, has started campaigning for our own shauchalyas by saying “We dont want people to mix his with ours, at least our’s is used as alternate source of energy.”

Mahasay Dharmapal (MDH dude): This guy has no comparison against by boyish charm.He coughs more than my alive dadaji. He should quit Big boss and should become brand ambassdor of glycodin and join Rakhi sawant in her shows.

Pulkit Jain: Well, nobody knows me but as if people know about all other contestant! Perhaps, I am author’s only friend who watches Big boss. Morever, I will help Kejriwal sir. He is so honest that he even doesn’t know that he is just cooking “Jain food”.

More to continue ….Faking news reporters still need to catch other participants.

“No offense”