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After 'Sholay', cult 'Gunda' to be reproduced in 3D

15, Jan 2014 By waxknor

Following up on the success of 3D version of the 1975 Bollywood classic ‘Sholay’ which was released last week, Renowned B/C grade movie director Kanti Shah has decided to reproduce 1998 Cult classic ‘ Gunda’ in 3D.

FN tried to get the first views from the director. Failed. Tried again and was successful.

Now in 3D
Now in 3D

“‘Gunda’ is the only movie in the history of World Cinema, which started with the rating of negative 8.4, but over the years people appreciated my piece and turned the rating to 8.4 to also prove that like goes full circle for everything !.”, said Kanti Shah, sighting the popularity graph on IMDB.

When reminded that this was a big risk by the director to risk the ONLY followers of ‘Gunda’, the cults, “If people can appreciate the mean looking and tobacco chewing 3D close up of Gabbar Singh, why won’t they like popular characters Bachu Bhigona and Bulla, who have facially expressed themselves a lot better ? ” argued the Director.

“If people can be impressed by the horses in 3D version of Sholay, I am sure, they will be astounded by the 3D flying Auto Rickshaws in Gunda, which will be more realistic,”Kanti Bhai added with smirk.

The most searched director on youtube, also shared that he has aggressive plans for the publicity and marketing for the release in 3D.

“In Sholay, the protagonist, Jai and Veeru, were low profile crooks who agreed to help Thakur for money, where as in Gunda, Mithun Da is an Aam Admi who works hard as Coolie and takes on the bad boys for the social cause,”said Kanti Shah with already-a-winner smile on his face.

The director has plans to release the movie on Mithun Da’s birthday.