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After Salman's bail, Mumbai Ghosts decided not to roam in the streets

11, May 2015 By aridev009

Mumbai: The news of Salman Khan’s bail bring double happiness to the life of his hardcore fans. A fan even left his job just to watch ABP News analysis on the news. On the other side few lesser known figures are deeply upset. They are the lowly graded ghosts of streets which one can find on the roads in dark hours. This message came from the official Spookbook Page of the Mumbai Bhoot Association (MBA).

MBA declared that after getting the bail from Hit and Run Case by Salman Khan they are facing problem to roam on the street. Our team of reporter tried to investigate the matter on how Ghosts are facing such problem. They put their setup on the famous Aarey Colony Road just before 10pm  last Saturday.

Poor Bhoot
Poor Bhoot

A very famous ghost of that road “Noori” wearing a white Saree with a lighted candle was standing in the middle of the road. A white Alto with a speed of nearly 40Km/hr was speeding towards that spot. Our team was expecting that the Alto will slow down , but to their utter surprise the Alto accelerated and run over “Noori” and ran away. Noori was safe and unhurt but her inner instinct of lady don’t let the tears to stop. She was crying heavily at the center of the road, but that was not the end. An another BMW ditched her from the back within 10mins. Our reporter Hasmukh Das could not control his own emotions and ran towards “Noori” to show his sympathy and concern towards this run over. The crew members followed him thereafter. Meanwhile some other members of MBA reached the place and show their concern over such incident.

“This is the 18th such incident when a vehicle ran over our member. Yesterday a three wheeler Rickshaw hit our star performer “Chanda”. After this incident she is in depression and decided that she will deliver her duties in haunted houses only. We have our yearly targets of scaring and killing people, but after the Sallu’s bail incident we are bit unsure weather we can complete our target in this year that will directly affect our appraisal for the year. “Noori” is expecting her promotion to the post of Deputy Bhoot this year but this incident may affect her appraisal.” said one the senior Bhoots, Gala Kata Akram.

One junior Bhoot , Sar Chapta Lakkhu said that year after year they are loosing their places of living. Earlier they used to live in haunted houses and did their jobs easily by scarring people nearby. But these houses and mansions are getting demolished to build new malls and flats resulting in destroying their prime motto. Only option left was these roads and this too seems to be out of their hand. They can’t even meet with the local minister of this place as they don’t count to their vote bank. They only want to show their presence to the world and live their after life easily fulfilling their yearly targets which doesn’t have any reservation or quota system or time bound promotions.

Our reporter Paidal Prasad, chased that BMW driver who ditched “Noori”. On investigation it was found that the driver was not a mango man. He is also a celebrity, name undisclosed for personal reasons. Prasad asked him why he hit and run away from that place, this girl could be a living human being. The celebrity told that he has enough money to prove that he was driving an airplane and not BMW on Aarey Colony Road and can extend the case for 999 years only. He worships Salman Khan as his guru and added “Breaking Every Red Light Signal” in next years resolution. He was also drunk on that night and felt proud that he didn’t loosed his steering wheel even after hitting that girl. Still unaware of Ghostly story.

From this post Faking News would like to show its humble condolence to all the ghosts who get ran over by vehicles. NGO’s are invited to help these poor fellows as we can’t expect anything from government or our judicial system.

Yours @aridev009 at WebNetDiary

Latest: Meanwhile International Ghost Association(IGA) wrote a letter of condolence to MBA and assured for any help.