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After playing Mary Kom, Priyanka Chopra to play Asha Bhosle

29, Jul 2014 By glaximusmaximus

With an aim to cement her status as a versatile actor and a  [auto-tuned] singer, Priyanka Chopra is ready to take on another biopic where she is touted to play the role of a famous Bollywood singer, Asha Bhosle in a new biopic  titled ‘Asha Bhosle’.

This news has supposedly caused  nirASHA (depression) for some people, especially Mary Kom, whose role will be played by Priyanka Chopra  in her next movie.

In the wake of this news, Mary Kom stated that when she was approached by film-makers to allow them to produce a movie based on her life, she agreed to allow them to do so, but only if they convince Priyanka Chopra to take up this role.

“Her headache inducing songs were the reason I asked the film-makers to sign her up for the role,” she added.

She also mentioned that her intention was to keep Priyanka Chopra busy to prepare for this role so she can keep her away from music at least momentarily.

Mary Kom was also joined by several Indian athletes who have been performing exceptionally well in the ongoing Common Wealth Games with the hope of their biopic made starring Ms. Chopra so they can join the cause of several Indians to keep the star busy from making what they call female-Himesh-on-sore-throat kind of music.

While Priyanka Chopra is unperturbed by flaks received for her unauthentic portrayal of a Manipuri female where she appears to have been performing as a cosmopolitan North Indian with  a forced North- East Indian accent , she believes she can do justice to her performance as Asha Bhosle in her next biopic.

To prepare for the role, she has dedicated lot of time in getting the right looks as she has been gorging on heavy Indian delicacies in overseas restaurant owned by Asha Bhosle  herself called ‘Asha’s.’ Ms. Chopra is confident on putting lot of pounds to get the perfect look.

Talking about the part where she has to concentrate on singing, the star believes that she is at home turf since singing is not an issue. She is already in talks with and Pitbull who will feature as item boys in her movie while she will apparently croon and use the biggest asset that she possesses when it comes to music: ‘auto-tune’.

When the legendary singer herself (Asha Bhosle) was asked about her expectations from Priyanka Chopra playing her role, she rather got infuriated on the actor’s audacity to play her role. Hitting at Priyanka Chopra she quoted, “Is bacchhi ki himmat toh dekho, mic leke machine ki awaaz upar neeche karke apne aap ko singer kehti hai.” (look at the nerve of this girl, simply by being able to picking up the mic and meddling around a machine, they believe they have become singers)

She said she has not even been approached by film-makers to request permission on making a movie based on her life. She also added that if they go ahead with the movie with Priyanka Chopra, then she won’t take any legal action, instead she will take on the career of modelling and acting thereby giving all Bollywood actresses, including Ms. Chopra, a run for their money.

The only people who seem to be delighted with Priyanka Chopra taking on Asha Bhosle’s role are the ENT specialists who have been quite busy minting money with the influx of patients complaining ear ache problems since the release of the star’s two singles namely ‘In my city’ and ‘Exotic’.