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After Mangalyaan's success, KRK announces next season of Bigg Boss to be shot on Mars

26, Sep 2014 By suneetsasidharan

Twitter megalomaniac (@kamaalrkhan) and self-proclaimed Actor/Producer/Critic, Kamaal R Khan, lovingly known as KRK, has again leaked top secret information that the next season of Bigg Boss will be filmed on Mars. KRK has been credited with successfully predicting all members and sequences on most seasons on Bigg Boss on Twitter leaving more than half a million of his Twitter followers dumbfounded, again. In an exclusive to Faking News, he has revealed that Mangalyaan was just a pet project of his taken over by ISRO and that staging Bigg Boss on Mars has been his ruse all along. Voted as the most socially relevant and hardest hitting show, trumping Arnab Goswami, it is hardly any surprise that Bigg Boss would be the first show to be shot on a truly universal stage.

Faking News later discovered that, much like Tarantino with his Pulp Fiction universe references, KRK was also giving away subtle hints regarding this story all along. Having clarified his initial concerns with high school dropout Stephen Hawking and emeritus professor Rakhi Sawant, he did cite his reservations in the tweet below.

“Mars has only 2% oxygen means life is not possible there. And If mars doesn’t have life then nowhere else is life except earth.”

Salman Khan has been confirmed to host this version and his entrance will be an homage to his famous cycle and train scene from Kick, the Curiosity Rover and Mangalyaan, replacing the cycle and train respectively. He largely thanks the lack of alien pedestrians for him being allowed to drive a four-wheeled vehicle again.

Although KRK hasn’t yet “officially predicted” his list of people who would feature on Mars, he has tweeted a subliminal message about his top choices. Given his alarming accuracy in the past, it is now being speculated that KRK is Bigg Boss himself.

“Now we should send our elite stars Jimmy Shergill, Aftab, Ayushman, Himesh Bhai, Harman, Bobby Deol, Emran Hashmi, Aditya Roy etc to Mars.”

When asked if he would be joining Bigg Boss : Mars Edition, KRK declined to comment and for once did not have anything to say about anything. But after a couple of seconds, started stripping bare, clicking selfies and screaming “OMG cleavage”. But since we’re Faking News, we’ve decided to not let the devious ways of this sly genius befuddle us. Our investigative journalist and most recently drafted ex-ToI employee, Icy Onlitits, later found this cryptic KRK tweet.

“Next mission of @isro is man mission to Moon. So I am ready to go on Moon n @isro must take me only.”

We got you, KRK. As he himself would say it, “Kisses to the moon and kicks to Neil Armstrong”.