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After losing Yash-Raj film, Kapil Sharma not comfortable in saying “Babaji ka Thullu”

10, Aug 2014 By Golden Tooth

Comedy King Kapil Sharma, has been perturbed man ever since the last month, not because the first season of “Comedy night” is at fag end  but because  he  has  been kicked out of lost the movie “Bank-chor”, of what could have been his debut film as a hero.

When Kapil had got the offer  to work under the  Yash-Raj Banner, he was on Kapil cloud nine. He would often fall in reveries imagining Bollywood beauties standing in queue, with sunny Leone standing first, just to kiss him. On one occasion while speaking to Faking News reporter Bedhadak, a jaunty Kapil had said, ”Soon I will be the host as well as the superstar guest celebrity on my show.” Days after Kapil got the movie offer; he had reportedly pasted a creative sphinx like character in his vanity van, which had a head of Mr Bean and torso of Arnold Schwarzenegger doing the “Baba ji ka thullu” act.

Not interested?
Not interested?

But now since the movie fiasco, he has started to remain pretty reticent and rather careful in cracking personal jokes.  A close friend of Kapil revealing to faking news (on condition of anonumoity)  said, “Kapil is having nightmares almost every day, ever since he missed the big banner film. Each of his nightmare would feature a new celebrity, who teases him with “Babaji ka Thullu” in the trademark Snake Hood-hand style. In worst of his dreams, he saw Krushna Abhishek and Sudesh Lehri doing the thullu act laughing hysterically rolling on ground. Next day Kapil sent abusive messages to both of them through anonymous number as an ill-will gesture.”

A joke on the sets of comedy night is that “pehle hamare pass ek thullu tha, lekin ab do hain, ek babaji ka aur doosra kapil ka”. Due to the turn of events, the witty comedian has  had become a bit irascible. Recently he had a tiff with some elderly gentleman (who apparently has never watched his show) in the parking, when he had reportedly said “o HERO apni gadi meri gadi ke samne se hata”. Kapil took the word “HERO” as a jibe at him and uttered expletives at the old man, in Punjabi at will. It was later discovered that the elderly gentleman was father of KRK (Kamal R Khan), who eventually took to twitter to take revenge from Kapil.

While shooting at the sets of comedy nights, Kapil is his usual self  until he has to do the thullu act. He has lost his interest in saying Babaji ka thullu, but whenever has to say it, he makes sure that nobody among the spot boys sport a smiling face. One of the creative team of comedy nights in fact has been asked to look for possible alternatives to the punch line for the next season of the show.

Besides his new found aversion for his trademark punch line, Kapil has reportedly started to despise number zero also. One of the crew member speaking to Faking news said, “Kapil sir now hates zero, he has changed his mobile number which had a zero in that, and replaced it with one with a with multiple 9s in it ”. Kapil’s personal assistant cum psychiatrist has advised him to accept any of the Bhojpuri or Punjabi film offers that he has and later reject it (citing clash of dates or poor script), to overcome the physiological trauma.