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After Kambli, Anil Kapoor opens up about how Tom Cruise hurt his feelings

26, Nov 2013 By RanDumbGuy

Sachin devotees the world over hadn’t even finished wiping their tears, they were greeted by another shocking piece of news about how Kambli is hurt because SRT didn’t invite him to his post retirement party.

Feeling betrayed.

While for the non-Sachin fans (which include Kambli, Mike Dennese and Javed Miandad) this seemed a perfect Sachin bashing opportunity, Sachin fans took this as another sign of reaffirmation of their faith that their God will continue to full fill their desires even after retirement.

As the news about Kambli was beginning to find mentions under the matrimonial/escort/massage adv in all the regional newspaper, the public was hit by another more scandalous and heart-wrenching piece of news.

Anil Kapoor while celebrating his success party for his original mini-series 24, confided to a local journalist about how his best friend Tom Cruise had hurt his feelings in a recent Scientology ceremony that Tom attended.

“I was there for him when he needed me the most and gave him the biggest hit of his life MI4, and he didn’t even mention me at a recent ceremony” said a devastated Anil Kapoor, referring to Tom Cruise just mentioning Katie Holmes during the ceremony.

“We are really close and Tom considers me as his best friend. While shooting for MI4, I shared my vast acting experience with him and helped him in all his scenes. I used to call him Jhakaaaaaas and enamored by my personality he called me Jackasssss. But it seems success has got into his head and he has forgotten his mentor, philosopher, guide and above all his best friend” said Anil Kapoor as he about to gulp another black dog with pepsi.

As reaction were sought about this un-nerving news from the intelligentsia of the society, Sonam Kapoor said ”I don’t know yaaaaaaaa why Tom Uncle did this to daddy. Dad has been the greatest influencing force in my life………I have inherited his acting skills and the results have been phenomenallllllllll. Aisha, Thank You, Players, Sawariyan have all been the biggest blockbusters in Bollywood. Even Tom Uncle appreciated me in all my movies……affectionately he used to call me So-dum”.

When Tom Cruise was asked about Anil Kapoor being hurt because of him, his only reaction was “Aaneel Kaapuuuu ?????…..Who ????????”

According to latest reports, taking strength from Kambli and Anil Kapoor’s outburst, some other stars were considering opening-up too. Following celebrities have contacted Pagal patrakaar to tell the world about their hurt sentiments. Faisal Khan about Aamir Khan, Viveieiik Oberoi about Hrithik Roshan, Preity Zinta about Jaadu, Ra.1 about Chitti, KRK about SRK and finally Ishant Sharma about Virat Kohli.