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After Junior Masterchef and Indian Idol, its time for new reality show Junior IITian

23, Jul 2013 By blackjack

After the great response to Junior Indian Idol, Junior DID and Junior Masterchef auditions, IIT has finally decided to come up with a version of its own- JUNIOR IIT. Sources reveal that a recent survey indicated a section of Indian parents have actually started sending their 5-6 year olds to Dancing and singing schools instead of IIT-JEE coaching. This possesses a great threat to the nation. It’s the engineers that later turn into bankers, authors, social workers, poets, actors and No engineers means no investment bankers, no authors, no social workers, no ad makers, no janitors i.e economy down the drain.

However this is not the first time that IIT is associated with a reality show .Earlier this year the TV Show SUPERSTUD (Never heard of it, Hi five) conducted its finale at the institution. It’s a show where guys are judged on the basis of their wooing capabilities and are trained by THE SUPERSTUD – “ASHMIT PATEL” (Apparently the guy who wooed Veena Malik ROFL ).


The finale task included wooing girls from IIT but ultimately all the “STUDS” got friend-zoned/bankrupt/bhai-zoned. Finally “THE SUPERSTUD” ASHMIT PATEL (lol, cracks me up every time) decided to show the right path to the kids but 2 months later he was found in front of Girls Hostel suffering from epileptic fits and seizures.

The format of the show is still being developed but on account of hiding his name Mr. Hashim Amla  Shit Hashim Amla revealed that the format of show will include participants to live in the conditions of  IIT and survive it. Apart from the general tasks of surviving on LAN & shitty food, completing assignments 10 minutes before deadline, being on Manmohan mode in VIVA the living conditions will be specially designed for girls and boys. For boys the atmospheric conditions will be (46.1% weed ,40% cigarette smoke,10% deodorant and 3.9% for oxygen and other shit) resembling to a normal male engineering hostel. For girls the conditions will resemble where they will be judged by guys as bitches no matter what they do, general rules being-

Sitting at College Canteen with 2 guys – WAT A BITCH

Didn’t accept your friend request just because she doesn’t know you – WAT A BITCH

Even though you are the guy who loooouwwes her the most, you even confessed anonymously on IIT Confessions (*applause * for your balls) and she is still going out with a looser guy – WAT A BITCH

She didn’t meet your expectations of the “BEAUTIFUL GIRL”(owing to the delusion that your mom will find the hottest chic on the planet for you after 4 years ) even when your own face looks like the sole of a shoe -WAT A BITCH

Apart from it girls will be locked after 8.30 PM because you know All-India-Rapist-Association declared the official rape time as 8.30 PM.

The contestants will be living in these conditions for 4 weeks and after that the winner will be decided on the basis of voting. To ensure that the voting is fair the work is allotted to the team that made the rules for this year’s percentile formula.

Our correspondent ROFL Gandhi found Ashmit Patel in a nearby hospital where he is being treated,he recently slipped into coma his last words being : “IIT की महिलाओं से अनुरोध है कि अपना relationship status का साफ-साफ वर्णन कर दे, जब दो महीने लाइन मारने के बाद पता चलता है की आपका बोय़-फरेन्द है तो फट के फूल  Flower ho jata hai.”