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After Irfan Khan's Jurassic World earns 3000 crores, Congress claims Khans being underpaid in India under BJP rule

23, Jun 2015 By seedhabaccha

New Delhi. After coming to know that the new Dinosaur movie ‘Jurassic World’ has broken all records worldwide and has crossed 3000 crores in earnings, the Congress has alleged the government of working against minorities.

The party has claimed that the Khans of the Bollywood could not get much work in India, and that is why they were looking for jobs outside India, pointing out that same reason Irfan Khan moved to Hollywood for jobs.

Salman Khan fans say he risks his life for such a scene and still doesn’t earn much

Jurassic World, starring Irfan Khan, a guy named Chris Pratt in a cameo role, and a teenager creepily ogling at  girls, has been busting all the earning records. The fact that it is the same old story and same old dinosaurs doesn’t seem to affect it much. With all the earnings, Irfan Khan has entered the 3000 crore club, and he is being called the “3000 crore Khan” now, much to the displeasure of other Khans.

“It is very evident from this scenario. The Khans have been getting under-paid in Bollywood. Their movies earn only around 200 crores. But once they go to Hollywood, they earn a whopping 3000 crores. Mathematically, this shows the minorities are 15 times better in USA than in India,” Digvijay Singh said, while coming out of the cinema hall featuring Jurassic World.

Standing with him, Rahul Gandhi, having popcorn, while still having the 3D glasses on, was visibly surprised by his uncle’s quick calculation skills. He said, “There is no doubt in what Diggy uncle said. Salman Khan has done so much good for the people he hits on the road, still he is being under paid in this country. This is sheer injustice.”

“The classics like Ready, Dabangg, Happy New Year, and Kick don’t get what they deserve. They are flops as compared to there Hollywood movies. I smell a conspiracy here,” Rahul said, making it evident as if he was smelling something.

Congress has reportedly decided to run a nationwide campaign against this tyranny and unite all Khans against the government.