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After "Barfi" it's "Rabri" to make a mark internationally

21, Feb 2013 By lolzprasadyadav

So, it’s time now for another Indian sweet to make a presence internationally. Not just sweets but their names also sell in India. Take for example Barfi, the movie by Anurag Basu, which not only pulled audiences to the theater, but also made an entry to the Oscars.

A survey by Diabetes India Association suggests that ever since Barfi made an entry to the Oscars, demand for the Indian sweet also increased overseas. The export of famous brands of sweets like Haldiram’s and Mother Dairy quadrupled in International market. Everybody in foreign countries were curious to know what was the Indian entry to Oscars all about.

Rabri Devi
All set to rock the world

Well, after Barfi it’s time for another sweet Indian delicacy, Rabri, to make a mark internationally. And before your mouth starts watering let me tell you, I’m talking about Bihar’s former Chief Minister and RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav’s wife, Rabri Devi. I know many of you must be feeling like spitting all the water that came to your mouth, but hey, wait for a sec.

Rabri Devi, a mother of seven (or eight, I’m not sure), a housewife at present and a former chief minister has done what none could imagine. She has just patented a special type of Paneer made out of goat’s milk, that’s cholesterol free, fat free and Protienacious. The variant is touted by RJD chief’s dietician as the healthiest form of Paneer available in the market. He said “It’s Fatless, cholesterol less and even colorless (no added artificial color) and rich in protein that will make children and even adults taller, stronger and sharper.”

So how did it happen, serendipity or the result of a well planned research and development made at home? “Ye to Bhagwaan ka Prasad hai jo Devi ke haath se mila hai” Laloo commented in his typical style. Rabri Devi could not be available for her comments as she forgot the chit, in which what she had to say to media was written. She only waived her hands and showed victory sign to media photographer.

Several Multinational food chains like McDonald’s and Papa Jones have shown interest in buying patent from her. A spokesperson of McDonald’s, India reveled “We’re thinking of having it as main ingredient in McPaneer Masala burger which we are going to introduce next month in our Indian outlets.” Our sources in Papa Jones Pizza and Pizza Hut also reported that the companies seem interested in buying the patent, to be used in variants meant for Indian markets.

Laloo Prasad, overwhelmed with his wife’s achievement has written to the Government to nominate her for Nobel Prize in medicine or chemistry. He’s not sure which category she should be nominated to, we are not sure either, but if his proposal is accepted,( He is one of the supporters of UPA government, so chances are it will be accepted by the government) it will make a history. Laloo said that after Barfi, if Rabri too made a success internationally, it would bring back the old trend of keeping children’s names on sweets. Names like Rabri, Jalebi and Faluda would again come in fashion. And poor milkmen would benefit the most as it would increase demand of Rabri in the International market.