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Actress created August 50 in thrill

20, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In a nervous bid to promote her approaching film the actress stated that the release date was set to be fixed for August 50. This very date appeared odd for everyone. Reacting on this aberrant fault, the main actor of the show Drama Company expressed of availability of this date in the Lankan calendar. In a little while later she made the correction by politely saying that the fresh movie was supposed to be made public by August 25. This date was tolerable for the viewers in every way. Therefore she came with the film’s accurate display date in the different cinema halls.

She could, however, be said to have taken a wrong date as a ploy for promoting the picture nearing its release date day by day. The comedy show is now following the course of the preceding similar shows. The trend which the viewers like the most is wordy and long-winded which cannot be possibly easily changed. Owing to this persisting reason, the viewers like to accept only those entertaining comic ideas that bring enough laughter and instant hilarity. The Saturday show was brought before the audience meticulously. The detailed performance in the Baap Ki Adalat was full of laughter.

The character of the host was imitated relatively well. The famous line of chain se sona hai to jag jaiye was re-enacted in that episode. The show is moving towards pure humour in line with the viewers’ requirement. Undeniably, the presence of yesteryear actor heightens the show rating. However, the performers are not lagging behind in giving a solid performance. Everything related to the humour is being included in the comedians’ act. Despite the presence of Dada, there remains plan of inviting other celebrities in the show. It is worth noticing how much more directly the actors act out varied roles instantly.