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Actors float as 'Gravity' denied the pinnacle at Oscars

05, Mar 2014 By akhillive

In an unprecedented event which allegedly moved Newton in his grave, “Gravity” refused to act at the Oscars.

It went on an immediate strike after “Twelve years a slave” was judged as the best movie. The Faking news reporter, who was enjoying floating camera and skirts, informed that the Red carpet went deserted as it was difficult to stay on to the ground.

Gravity Movie Poster
Sentimental gravity.

Among the few who did manage to adorne the red carpet was our very own Himesh Reshamiya. The Topi-baaz singer, in an exclusive interview to our reporter, revealed the secret of his “Down-to-earth” stunt when all others were flying. The amount of force that his lungs exerted while shouting “Sururoooorrrrrrr” was good enough to give him and equal and opposite force that held him down on the blessed carpet.

It is also reported that in an overall environment of despair and trouble, there were some old vintage actresses who were seen rejoicing and celebrating. Even though they refused to comment, the speculations are rife that they were jubilant on the prospects of their assets being once again parallel to the ground and perpendicular to their body. This report decided to keep the mathematical jargon to save the site from being tagged as a an explicit reporting medium. Unverified sources confirm that Kate Winslet was one among those vintages. It is a known fact that she has been struggling from “hanging gardens” since her Titanic portrait days.

As the report goes to publish, there is no change in the fury of Gravity. Applications have been sent to the graves of Einstein and Newton, but as of now they deads have refused to comply. Everyone is waiting to see whether Decaprio will be grounded or his hair would continue to create a specter for the the Centre-Shock audience.