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Actor Shah Rukh Khan threatens Underworld Don Ravi Pujari, calls him ‘Vardhan’

30, Aug 2014 By Rohit Ballurgi

Mumbai: Police security at the residence of Underworld Don Ravi Pujari has been beefed up after pack of unidentified dogs were found barking outside his residence, on Sunday.

It was a dark night, thin drizzle, the sidewalks were empty and the road was blissfully silent, suddenly the silence broke down outside gangster Pujari’s bungalow on Jhari Galli Road near Chor Bazar, when pack of dogs started barking, at 2 AM. Ravi Pujari couldn’t sleep, he asked his men to go and check outside what is happening, but they refused to do so, as they were afraid of going out. Pujari tried calling police but the call was not answered. Dogs continued to bark till 4 AM.

Ravi Pujari filed a complaint at Jhari Galli police station on Monday morning, in his complaint Pujari told the police that he suspects conspiracy behind the incident, some unidentified men brought pack of 20-30 dogs and made them bark outside his residence in the midnight, Pujari alleged actor Shah Rukh Khan for conspiring.

Around 11pm on Saturday, three men from Pujari’s gang, astride a motorcycle slowed down in front of the Karim Morani family’s four-storey house in Juhu, shot three rounds and sped away.

On the same day, Pujari’s men allegedly called actor Shah Rukh Khan’s office, threatening him.

“Bhai has got sleeping problems, he is suffering from insomnia, and he takes sleeping pills, Sunday he slept at around 1 O’clock, woke up at 2, when dogs started barking, later he couldn’t sleep,” said Pujari’s right hand Babu Jalela.

“Bhai got scared, bhai locked himself in a room, we all went in some other room,” Babu Jalela added.

Sharukh calls gangster Ravi Pujari as Vardhan

In an interview with FAKING NEWS, actor Shah Rukh Khan threatened Ravi Pujari.

Karim Kurla(FAKING NEWS correspondent ): “Sir! .. (Shah Rukh interrupted)”

Shah Rukh: “Sir” … Sir bahut sharif sa lagta hai … call me Don! (he interposed sardonically)

Karim Kurla: Ok. Don sir, Who is Ravi Pujari?

Shah Rukh: Vardhan..

Karim Kurla: Kya o aap ka dushman he? He accuses you of letting pack of 20-30 dogs outside his residence, and made them bark, in the midnight, is this true?

Shah Rukh: Yes! ab o mera dushman he.. “Don ke dusman ki sabse badi galti he ke wo don ka dusman he.. Don ke dushman ko yeh baat hamesha yaad rakhni chahiye ki Don kabhi kuch nahin bhoolta.. Isse pehle ki Don ka dushman apni pehli chaal chale Don apni agli chaal chal chuka hota hai..

Karim Kurla: What one line message would you like to give to Vardhan?

Shah Rukh: @Vardhan, ek baat tum samajh lo ki Don ko darana mushkil hi nahin namumkin hai..

Karim Kurla: Ok Sir! thank you for speaking to FAKING NEWS … Oh sorry! Don! I mean, Don Sir! Thank you.