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Actor moves court to allow his duplicate to serve jail sentence

23, Jun 2015 By RT

Mumbai. A Bollywood superstar moved court today appealing for his duplicate, i.e. dupe, to serve his jail term. Faking News caught up with the dupe, not the actor, for behind the screens story.

Salman Khan
A representative picture

“Before we start, I want to officially register my condemnation against anyone who call us dupes. They are the dupes, the protagonists; can’t even jump 3 feet on a springboard and cannot even break a balloon with iron-gloved hands. We break tables, chairs and large glass doors for them and fall from 30 feet and above, showing our back to the camera. Quite literally when we fall, they rise! Are we the dupes? They are the dupes. We are the real heroes!” the stuntman hit out the right stride with Faking News.

“This actor approached me and asked me to serve his sentence on a ‘Time and Money’ business offer. Initially I was blunt to tell him straight ‘hey! Don’t do a crime if you can’t do the time!’ But, he doubled the offer instantly and that brought down my apprehensions by half about serving time inside. Also, he promised me all the facilities that an actor or a politician would normally enjoy in an Indian prison” the stuntman elaborated on the circumstances by which he agreed to the deal.

“Pending court order, I am all set to enact this new role for the actor. In this act, I am not going to bend iron rods, break viscous objects or jump steep heights. For once, we, myself, the actor and the judiciary, are together in this. What we are going to bend, break and jump this time around is Justice. But, who cares? For my friend, me serving time is going to serve very right as a real-time courtroom drama which he never had in his movies earlier” the stuntman smiled.

“No. I am not worried a bit. I can do this. With 15 days parole in a month and the prison food being far better than the unit mess, inside seems good. Outside bad. Only thing I am concerned about is this loyalty war I am engaged with the actor’s driver. Suddenly, he wants to take the blame for the crime and do the time. For once, I may have to really use my skills and settle the matter out of court”, the stuntman waved his arms and legs in a striking pose towards the Faking News reporter who had to move away in a hurry, not to make the story truly breaking.