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Abhishek Bachchan is following Aamir Khan’s footsteps

29, Nov 2013 By fakemale

Mumbai: Apparently, Abhishek Bachchan is following the footsteps of Mr.Perfectionist. In a swift candid interview given to the faking news reporter, at café coffee day’s outlet. Mr.Unperfectionist proclaimed that he is becoming erudite day-by-day. He said, “Nowadays, I have become very selective, before I pick any script, I want to do a quality work in Hindi cinema. I feel, unlike other actors who are excessively busy doing chain of films, have very limited time for their family, and plethora of work also affects their health and waning their acting talent, over a period of time.”, this encounter made our reporter flabbergasted because he was on a rendezvous with his fiancée and they were discussing their wedding date.

Abhishek Bachchan
A dashing starson

Our reporter stood up, little fortitude, asked Jr Bachchan to leave his table, as he was off duty and he was discussing something imperative with his fiancée. Despondent Jr Bachchan was about to leave the table but our reporter’s fiancée concur to complete this interview and do not mortify Jr Bachchan in the public place.

So the forceful interview begins.

Reporter:  Dhoom is your first movie for the year 2013, after the release of bol bachchan in 2012. Why such a long gap?

Jr Bachchan: Yash Raj films wanted me put extra efforts for Dhoom-3, in order to look like a “Sturdy Cop” I worked rigidly. And also, this time I was very selective before I said “Yes” for this role, as I didn’t want to stereo type my image in Dhoom series. Aditya promised me, that this time I will have some very sophisticated guns, bikes and cars to ride on.

Reporter (astoundingly):  Really! You mean the 6 pack abs is ready?

Jr Bachchan: Oh yes! All thanks to my physical trainer Uday Chopra, that I was able to achieve 6 pack abs. Unfortunately, I will not be able to exude it because Ash doesn’t like me get topless on the screen, and this will affect her social relations with her female friends in kitty parties, which happens at our house, very often.

Reporter (evil gin): What is your dream role?

Jr Bachchan(elatedly): I want to do the role of Bhola from the classic ‘Bhoot Polish’ movie.

Reporter (like a deflated balloon): I am done! Is there anything else you would to talk about?

Jr Bachchan: I am quite tired after this movie; it has taken all my breath and blood to complete it before the deadline. By the way today I am not much occupied, would you like to join me for a carom board match in my garage?

Reporter (Infuriated): “My fiancée is waiting for me so we can continue our discussion”. Just then Jr Bachchan receives a call from Ash who ordered him to bring grocery items and he left the place swiftly.

Reporter thanked God and came to faking news office with this report since his fiancée had already left him at the restaurant.