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AAP to enter Entertainment sector after making it big in Politics

04, Apr 2015 By abhikar

AAP – Two year old party like every youngster feels it has made a wrong choice of career and party now thinks its not meant to be a political party but an entertainment channel.

All its members knew they had the thing for entertainment when they all realized their skills on hidden camera and call recordings.

Party spokesman said that the decision to change organization idea from politics to entertainment was based on survey they had done with people from Delhi. And like always Delhi janta is with them.

When asked how they will manage the change, AAP leader Kejriwal said, “Basically there is no big change as what we were doing before is what we would continue to do. But before we were getting votes for those activities now we would get notes. We had created party against corruption and now we have moved to communication. So, C is still there!”

Kejriwal Bhushan
“We will provide quality entertainment!”

“We feel we can serve this country much better by providing entertainment rather then being political party, as we felt in India the country’s citizen have lost their smiles and we are only one who can bring smile on their face by our entertainment channel,” he added.

After this announcement, Indian TV Serial Association has threatened AAP party as they have accused them of using all of their script and coming out with twists and turns daily that many serials in entertainment channel’s cant cope up with resulting them to close down their serials.  Most of actress and actors are feeling recession in their field after entry of AAP party, And many are thinking to join AAP party to make a living now.

Even three Khans for the first time are feeling the threat and they are thinking soon Kejriwal might become a bigger star then them in just two years for position which they have worked twenty five years.

Asked about their plans with entertainment, Kejiwal mentioned that they plan a 24 hour show on theme of BigBoss and he would play the character of BigBoss. And rest of members of AAP would be in house providing all entertainment. He has specially invited Bhushan and Yadav for this program as special guest to provide that sizzlings like an item number in movie.

AAP spokesman have mentioned that they were already in talk with media houses who promised to cover them 24hours on their news channel the new career that they have decided to pursue.

Kumar Vishvas, a poet in AAP is enchanted with new career move and feels that this is what is best for party and its members.

Already  volunteers have started feeling great as they are now brushing shoulders with Russian dancers and not Nigerians students.

BJP who recently was reached to become largest political party by members suddenly is overshadowed by this news that AAP Entertainment party to become worlds largest entertainment organization.