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Aamir's bike turns into aircraft carrier, government halts purchase of Admiral Gorshkov

27, Dec 2013 By gillbates

The mechanical engineering marvel seen in Dhoom-3 which was a bike, jet ski, submarine and could jump on plain surfaces, turned out to reveal one more avatar as an aircraft carrier on Tuesday.

Engineering marvel.

This has come as a great relief to Indian navy, shielding it from the ever rising cost of bringing Admiral Gorshkov to India.

General public is delighted at the incident, some suggested that it could even go back to a submarine in case of an attack, making it the the best piece of technology available.

Teams from all over the world sent to analyse the bike are now being expanded and India is planning to charge a hefty fee for the technology transfer.

The makers of the bike have included the clause that whosoever finds out first that how the transformer bike works must also send a copy of the research to the first. Sources confirm that many world benefiting technologies could be extracted from this.