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Aamir wanted to get rid of his perfectionist title with Dhoom 3

22, Dec 2013 By gillbates

Aamir’s successful attempt?

Mumbai. In a shocking revelation Aamir Khan announced that he actually signed Dhoom-3 to do away with the title of Mr Perfectionist. Aamir added that he never liked being called that in the first place and was aghast that his previous series of well chosen movies added to that reputation. That is why he agreed to this half  hollywood copied and loosely scripted film. Infact all the bad performances and not so new stunts helped him immensely.

Vijay Krishna Acharya, who is being highly appreciated for stitching this plot around the big holes, says that audience will enjoy the new avtar of Aamir where he too joins the league to act in big budget, big banner, highly marketed films.

At the same time some movie critics who gave positive reviews for the film have already decided the rating for the next edition of the Dhoom series and are hoping that their honest next day reviews will keep swelling up the businesses for these kind of super entertaining movies.

They were also optimistic about Aamir’s revelation that it will not harm in any way Aamir’s dedicated fan following who watched this film only due to Aamir’s track record of excellent movies,but will further encourage them due to his newfound versatility