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Aamir to sue makers of Subway Surfers for lifting his 'Ghulam' act

27, Dec 2013 By nileshnikade

Makers of Ghulam and Aamir have decided to sue creators of Subway Surfers game for lifting their idea of running in front of approaching train.


The subway surfer characters run in front of trains which are approaching towards them and are supposed to jump out before the train hits them. Aamir has alleged that the act was his mastermind and he had made it popular before the creators of the game lifted it from his movie.

“I had practiced hard and even risked my life for it so many times. The game makers have not even acknowledged my effort in their game. This is unacceptable and I have decided to sue them,” said Aamir.

The makers of the game have denied watching Ghulam in their life and are clearly staying away from acquisition. However in the midst of it, Deepak Tijori has made a counterclaim that it was not Aamir’s idea at all and he had started the trend initially.

The subway surfers insider revealed that they area planning to add a character of Aamir in the game in its updated version, but the players will have to collect 10000 gift boxes to get Aamir character.