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Aam actresses Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey set to join AAP

10, Jan 2014 By vikrantnaik

Mumbai. In what has been described as a major setback to BJP and congress, if rumormongers are to be believed, Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey are all set to join the Aam Aadmi Party. In an exclusive interview to this reporter, Ms. Sawant described herself as aam actress, who had experienced a lot of corruption in the film industry.

Aam Actress
Aam Actress

“Isn’t it corruption when someone less talented like Deepika Padukone gets more movies than me? Even an actress from the 80s, Sridevi, gets to do a movie like English-vinglish. That role would have been perfect for me considering my vernacular upbringing. It is this very corruption in Bollywood that I want to fight.”

When contacted, the AAP spokesperson said, “Ours is a democratic party and we welcome anyone who wants to fight corruption in any form.” He further added that presence of such a talented actress will only booth the party and help them connect more with viewers who are fed up of watching Smriti Irani on every debate.

While Bollywood was abuzz with this development, Poonam Pandey, one not to be left behind, tweeted, in what is being described as the biggest single campaign for the AAP.

“Hey tweet-hearts, here’s my promise. I will strip for the common man if Kejriwal becomes the prime minister.”

The BJP described this as shameful and said that they will ask the EC to verify if this would violate the code of conduct. BJP spokes person, Mr. Javdekar, said, “It is a clear violation of the EC’s code of conduct which does not allow political parties to give any freebies.”

Congress on the other hand remained non-committal. Speaking to Faking News, Mr. Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “Ours is a wait and watch policy. We will wait for Kejriwal to become PM and then watch as Ms. Pandey…” before he was carried away by congress workers to 10, Janpath.

When asked about Ms. Pandey’s tweet, AAP spokes person replied, “We welcome all sorts of support from any non-corrupt, hard working people.” On probing further he replied, “Our’s is a democratic party and I am sure we will have an SMS poll to decide what would be the best place for Ms. Pandey to show her performance.”

Meanwhile, Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni tweeted, “Do not believe Poonam Pandey. She had promised she would strip for us if we won the world cup. Not only did she lie but her not stripping directly affected the forms of Yuvi, bhajji, Zak and Veeru.”