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90 year old sues Kapil Sharma for having people make fun of his water pump

01, Feb 2014 By mohitnatoo

Jalandhar- A vexed 90 year old, is reported to have filed a case against one of the most happening television celebrities, Kapil Sharma, with regards to the use of the phrase ‘Babaji ka Thullu’.

The cause of entire controversy.
The cause of entire controversy.

Gurmandeep Singh, the Jalandhar resident, says he has once played a role of a saint in a play in his childhood and since then had been titled Babaji. He had always been respected throughout the locality till the on screen comedian introduced the thullu phrase. Babaji claims that Kapil Sharma had somehow got to know that he has a water pump of a local brand ‘thullu’, which he had bought from a chor bazaar in Jalandhar. Babaji insists Kapil had been making fun of the watering pump through out in his tv series making people know the thullu is nothing but a useless piece of crap.

In his own words Babaji says, “Sharmaji has no idea the insults he has brought to me. Whenever I ask my son to fetch the plumber to repair the defective water pump, the plumber just sends him back saying ‘u have babaji ka thullu’. When I post an ad on olx announcing it’s sale, the comments I receive are the sort of ‘tum loge paisa, aur humein milega babaji ka thullu?'”

Babaji insists he would start an investigation on Kapil Sharma and know how the ace comedian got to know about his water pump, which, moreover is defective. Faking news sources have reported that thullu is a locally based water pump manufacturing company which mocks the famous thullu motors in its products. Babaji also sights this reason saying Kapil has insulted him by letting the whole world know that he had bought a second quality product.

The 90 year old’s anger also extends to the immense use of the phrase across the web in the form of hashtags and pages on various social networking sites, and would want to take on the web fanatics, once the case on Kapil Sharma is won