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9 reasons that made IT professionals realize they are Shrek

26, Aug 2013 By tspriyaa

In a recent self realization, a couple of IT professionals have realized that their life is similar to that of Shrek.

These IT professionals have demanded that the makers of films refrain from making true life based biopics without crediting them for it.

They substantiate their predicament with the following points:

1. The mirror’s answer to Farquaad’s question: Right in the beginning of the movie, Farquaad asks the magic mirror if his land was the fairest of them all. The mirror gives him three princesses to choose from. It is this that drives the movie forward.

In the corporate world, professionals often find something small that impacts the working of something else and then we set off on a mission to address the ‘root cause’ when it would actually be just a side effect. Then their work snowballs into something bigger.

The only difference is that Shrek is happy sometimes.

2. Farquaad chooses the maiden in distress over the other princesses: Farquaad knows nothing behind the secret spell behind the princess in the castle, but he chooses her over Cinderella and Snow White.

In the corporate world, when an employee is given the choice to choose between projects, he often chooses to take up the project which seems easy and whose deadlines and requirements are easily achievable, but the truth behind it is that nobody knows how tough the seemingly possible target can become. Well we often forget that life obeys Murphy’s Law!

3. The privilege:  When Shrek wins the wrestling challenge, Farquaad offers him the ‘privilege’ of rescuing Fiona from the castle if he wins. Shrek accepts it but in addition to that asks for Farquaad to vacate his swamp.

Office life is marked by such lucrative offers which are no more than Trojan horses. Sometimes the HR Manager says that if they’d work on Project A, they will gain experience in something that sells hot in the market and they can add something so shiny to their resume. For example, say, a person has been a java resource for two years and he is to be put in a middleware project (totally hot in the market) which is something totally different from what he has been working on for the last few years, he will have to undergo training first and then work on the project that lasts for half a year, his resume would say that he is a java resource, who knows middleware, but he would be an expert in neither when he goes for his next interview.

If he is as smart as Shrek is, he might just talk himself out of it!

4. The fire breathing dragon is not always your enemy: Shrek and dragon think that the biggest obstacle is the dragon, but it is the dragon that saves them from Farquaad later on.

Often people think that the boss was the person they have to impress to get a good appraisal, and refrain from going to him with doubts. But mostly, it is he who cuts the guardian knot when things blow up into hazardous tasks with deadlines.

5. The best friend: Shrek is so irritated with the donkey who talks a lot, but donkey is the only being who does not judge him and is his true friend.

Working people restrict themselves to a circle where they find themselves gaining knowledge, generally. But it is usually hard to open up in times of need to such a clique, and if they are not tight lipped, they would eventually find themselves in deep fire. People struggle from depression when the “donkey” isn’t around at times.

6. Little knowledge: When Shrek overhears the conversation of donkey and Fiona, he assumes that Fiona hates him and doesn’t know the secret that donkey harbors with her. He is devastated.

Gossip spreads like wildfire in the office environments as it is the only mode of relaxation when people live amongst their competitors for eight to nine hours a day. And, down the road, when the word about them reaches their ear, it would be no more than a Chinese whisper. Anger and frustration on top of the daily struggle cumulates when these whispers pierce through the ears.

Well, hope that they were the Shreks who would find out the soothing truth later on!

7. The final prize: Loves true form is revealed when Fiona turns into an ogress after the kiss of true love.

In any industry, people struggle, slog, backbite and work so hard with one thing in mind- the golden appraisal. But when they get it at the end of the year, it is far from what they thought it would be most of the time. After tax cut, allowances and deductions, what they really get in our fist is a handful of coins and they rant about it the following year (totally unlike Shrek though).

8. The unexpected surprise: Shrek puts in all the effort to save Fiona from the castle, to win his swamp back. And he ends up finding his true love unexpectedly in the end.

The IT industry sees many people tuning into writing, singing, photography and movie making in their spare time. Who knows? On their way to win their bread, many of them have discovered the inner passions hidden in them.

9. Looks: Last but not least, the tour of an IT professional steers through the lives of all the characters of the movie Shrek. He enters the industry with his head held high like Puss in Boots, then he works like a donkey and talks meaningless stuff, and finally gains so much of weight and starts looking like Shrek. He hits on the princess-looking fresher and hooks up with her, then soon after the curse is lifted (she agrees to his proposal), she turns into a fat ogress too.

Well, it is up to the makers of these kinds of movies watch their step the next time, else one of these professionals might just take away their rights.