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7 wounded, 1 missing while watching 'Mad Max' in 3D; SC puts a ban on the movie

25, May 2015 By khabar-daar

New Delhi: In a much horrific incident, 7 people, all ageing between 18 and 25 were wounded severely, while 1 is missing when they were watching ‘Mad Max’ in 3D. The incident happened yesterday in the Matinee show at PVR Saket where the movie was being screened since its release on Friday last week. The injured were soon admitted to AIIMS. AIIMS authority has announced today that condition of 3 persons were critical.

“We were sitting in the front row. The screen was very close anyway, but we had no idea we were that close. It was only when our popcorn bucket was hit by one of the bullets and jumped from my hands, we realized we were too close! By the time we could move away from the first row few more bullets hit some of us”, one of the injured told us.

“The seats there are very congested, so I chose the front row so that I can spread and relax my legs. I never thought they would be driving so recklessly and run over my legs”, another person told us. He got injured badly with 5 fractures in both legs. One person sitting on the right of the front row also got burned by the fire coming from the guitar. An FIR has already been lodged at the nearest police station and Delhi police is in search of the missing person. A witness from the second row claimed the person got too excited at the tornado scene and was inclined towards the screen.

The Supreme Court has put an immediate nationwide ban on the movie. It has also sent a letter to PVR showing its disgust on the miserly arrangement of seats mentioning that the multiplex will be shut down if such incidents happen again. Meanwhile, the distributor of the movie has requested the SC to consider its screening of the film in 2D.